Tuesday, May 15, 2012

~ shells {sitting under bright stars & soft petals}

morning & evening.. .

shafts of everlasting light.. .

{{glow gently here}}


  1. I cannot find anything about you on your blog, would you care to share a bit about who you are? What is your name? Your blog is like a pearl I've discovered, so precious. And you believe in God too? Your photography brings Him honour.
    sweet greetings,

  2. thankyou for your comments! i actually used to have this blog, http://meanderingpearl.blogspot.com i think there's more about me there, i just wanted to consolidate, too many blogs going, & i've always wanted one with a pink damask background so here i am :)

    & yes, the photos are mine :) thankyou!

    have an utterly precious day!!!

  3. i might add an about page at some stage & my email for contact info, but finding time is always hard

    sunshine & roses,

    p.s { meandering_pearl@hotmail.com }