Saturday, July 7, 2012

~ Fabric Roses

This rose is made up of 3 basic shapes,
a large square, a smaller square, and a rectangle a little longer than the large square.
For my rose i used about 5 larger squares and 7 smaller ones, mixing and matching the fabric.
Each piece should be folded, the squares diagonally, the rectangle longways.

We then apply a tacking stitch to connect the open edges, & pull to form the petal.

Begin with the rectangle, this creates the centre of the rose.
Fold one end twice into triangles and begin stitching along the open edge.
I don't tie that off, i just pull it into a flower spiral, pick up a smaller square and begin stitching this with the same thread.
Once that petal is done, pull it, form it into place, then begin the next petal with the same piece of thread.

You can mix and match the sizes of the petals too, for instance, i did about 4 smaller petals, then 2 larger, 2 smaller, 1 larger etc.
To make the leaf i used scraps of fabric, folded into a diamond type shape, & gathered the middle, adding buttons or extra scraps of lace. {i made a double sided leaf!}

You could attach this gorgeous flower to a clasp to make a brooch, to a cushion for a chair, to a clip to use for hair, or to a journal to mend your heart <3

lots of loveliness dear ones! 

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