Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~ the language of the buffalo ~

Antelope Island ~ a buffalo finding outing ~

they have always been my favourite, {these magnificent roaming ones}
& we almost couldn't find them, down on the marshes,
they were as lovely as i had hoped, poised against the setting sun,
but what i hadn't expected, was the language
how they grunted to one another, this grazing, travelling herd,
& how the sound of 600 buffalo snorting would travel up the hill,
then we realized they were above us as well, a herd split across a road,
about 15 minutes later the ones below us began to climb towards the others,
& they crossed the road 3 meters from us, as we sat in our car marvelling,
buffalo families, cautious mothers, suspicious males, some watched from behind a rock before making a run for it, snorting & grunting all the while,

what a pleasure to share those few moments with them!

loveliest of thoughts

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