Tuesday, July 24, 2012

~ life = thriving {tinted with parading love}

swinging on the playground after church, me being adamant i would get a  thoughtprint of the fraction of a moment when her skirtedge billowed, anticipating it nervously & shooting an entire whisp of time beforehand.

the deliciousness of kiwi fruit, & realizing the pattern inside is the same as the one nestled inside the petals of an anemone {one of my favourite flowers, for its regally velvet cameo, being wonderfully juxtaposed with the casual & haphazard willow-toned leaves}

the remains of my beautifully piled fruit after my Sunday afternoon nap {someone had a deliciously wonderful time, although i did not get a photo of the sublime pineapple before it became a Summery delicacy}

a watercolour dragonfly, a gift from her to him

standing on one mountain, adoring another

& the sun, billowing romantically

cascading sparkles for you today! <3

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